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Let’s work together to build business opportunities and enterprise value for your ASX company.

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We work with ASX companies to build business opportunities and enterprise value.


We believe your story well told can change the way people, think, feel and act towards your company. It can capture the hearts and minds of investors. It can forge lasting connections with shareholders. It can transform host communities into advocates and swing the POV of media and government agencies.

This is where we say hello. Republic combines investor and media relations, communications, capital raising, corporate advisory services, and digital marketing in one play book to help ASX companies make the most of their story. To solve problems. Open doors. Make dents. And raise market trajectories.


Services? We do whatever it takes to make the most of your story. Print, online, social media, or a straight-up face-to-face chat with just the right person. We go with what’s right.


Investor Relations

Access to investment and effective relations with the financial community has a major bearing on the success of any business. To maximise shareholder value in our fast-paced world companies must build visibility and trust with investors, analysts and the media. From the street to the city, our IR experts understand this and work with clients to get the right message across, each and every time.


Broker Roadshows

Shareholder Relations

Financial Reporting


Capital Raising

Mergers & Acquisitions



Media relations

News spreads fast. Faster than ever before. Mobile and social channels mean messages are delivered instantly, and amplified globally. And it’s not just the media who shape the news, it’s every single person in the world. As journalists with social sav, we know how news works. From ASX and media releases that get read to blogs that get shared, we’ll make sure you're noticed by the right people, in the right places, at the right time.


Media Relations

Media Training

Crisis Management


Digital Marketing

Technology is changing our world. By the hour. By the minute. By the second. The mediascape is at our fingertips and we’re consuming more online content than ever before. We work with ASX leaders ready to take their digital presence to the next level. Together, we deliver breakthrough results from every pixel of your web, mobile, and social media campaigns.



Social Media


Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Mailchimp Management


Content & Comms

In our connected culture, the demand for good writing has never been greater. We develop content that drives conversation and consideration across all media and channels. We inspire audiences to share, talk and act. We get people to pay attention. To see things in new ways. To believe. To show up. From tweets and social posts to websites, pitch decks, and advertising, our words supercharge your story with credibility and leadership.


Communications Strategy


Content Creation

Website Content








Capital raising

For any company with major potential, there’s money out there. You just need to know where to look. Republic has helped raise in excess of $100 million for Australian public companies since our inception. Subject to your funding needs, risk appetite, the relationship you want with funders, and the overlying costs and benefits equation, we can help growing companies raise capital and pitch to potential investors across a number of funding types.


Marketing collateral

Pitch decks

Financial projections

Valuations analyses

Strategy development


We’re strategists, writers, designers and social media provocateurs all fixated on your success. Results that are tangible, seismic and industry-altering.

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But don’t take our word for it. Our ASX clients all have different stories but share similar feedback about the positive impacts we can make.

Gerhard Redelinghuys

Managing Director & CEO
Bowen Coking Coal
“Bowen’s transition from exploration to producer has been a wonderful success story served well by Republic’s outstanding connections with brokers, media and the investment community.”

Corey Nolan

Managing Director
Platina Resources
“Republic helps take care of Platina’s long list of communication activities from producing videos in the field that draw thousands of views on our socials to creating compelling investor pitch presentations that get noticed.”

Pat Williams

Managing Director
Revolver Resources
“Revolver has a great story. Republic makes sure it’s told well to wider audiences. We have worked together in one way or another for over 10 years. They are an important part of our team."

Paul Summers

Executive Chairman
Asra Minerals
“I’ve worked with a number of investor relations firms over the years but Republic stands out in front. At a time when Asra Minerals is hitting its stride, their ideas and counsel are very much valued."


We’re one team across three locations. Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.